“Nothing is more important than retaining excellently trained healthcare staff in the long term. It’s good that through GERVIE we get highly motivated staff with whom we can really plan for the long term.”

GERVIE makes international healthcare workers fit.

For German clinics, inpatient facilities for elderly care and outpatient services.

This is how we ensure language competence.

GERVIE is a close partner of respected language testing institutes such as telc and the Goethe Institute. We work with certified language teachers in permanent employment. The necessary technical vocabulary is also taught at an early stage through practical exercises and a close link to the technical curriculum.

This is how we ensure professional recognition.

GERVIE recruits international professionals for the care of the elderly and the sick, for clinics of various orientations as well as for inpatient facilities and outpatient services.

Training is carried out according to the German training curriculum and current standards in close coordination with the examination institutes and state authorities. Employee loyalty to the German company begins on site in the home country. This way, you get reinforcement from new colleagues who are already recognised as specialists and can be deployed immediately.

Our quality commitment.

We support you in motivating your employees and retaining them in the long term. GERVIE cooperates with international training institutes and universities that comply with the European reference framework and our own quality standards.

We can count on political support and close cooperation with official bodies. GERVIE’s know-how and credibility have ensured established relationships with all major partners. This is how we jointly train your new employees for the German market:

  • Holistic concept with language and technical training.
  • German language proficiency B2 (tested by Goethe-Institut and telc)
  • Mastery of medical terminology (with certificate)
  • Excellent level of professional qualification
  • Professional recognition in Germany through professional knowledge examination
  • High professional motivation and great affinity to Germany
The partners on GERVIE
  • “I was very positively surprised after the first few weeks. The Vietnamese care workers fitted our requirement profile exactly. The investment has already paid off.”

    Gerd Egbers, Managing Director of Caritas Altenhilfe Emsland

  • “Nothing is more important than retaining excellently trained healthcare staff in the long term. It’s good that we get highly motivated employees through GERVIE with whom we can really plan for the long term.”

    Ansgar Veer, Chief Executive Officer of St. Bonifatius Hospitalgesellschaft Lingen

  • “Our staff from Vietnam are excellently trained, very resident-oriented and highly motivated. They bring a real professional and emotional enrichment for our teams to Germany. It is simply fun to work with them!”

    Annegret Wallmann, Home Manager Mother Teresa House Lingen & Matthias House Lohne

  • “We have already been able to get numerous hires through GERVIE and the service is excellent. Therefore, I am completely convinced by GERVIE and have nothing but praise for the team.”

    Jens Eilers, Human Resources Manager of St. Bonifatius Hospitalgesellschaft Lingen

  • “Very sympathetic and reliable agency. The first placement for our nursing home with two employees from Vietnam worked very well, further placements via GERVIE are already on a good track. Everything very well organised, and the flexibility is also good – which is very important in the current situation with the many authorities involved in the process.”

    Annegret Knue, Home Manager Maria Anna Haus Lengerich

  • “We have already extended and sustainably expanded our contracts with GERVIE, as we have been able to achieve a large number of good, new hires through this cooperation.”

    Martin Diek, Managing Director of Bonifatius Hospital Lingen

    The Vietnam Project 100.

    New healthcare professionals for Germany.

    A model project with seamless integration.

    With the Vietnam Project 100, GERVIE recruits selected and highly qualified healthcare staff from Vietnam for a leading European care provider that is also active in Germany with retirement homes and rehabilitation clinics.

    The model project is based on a simple idea: if the professional requirements of the Vietnamese training are expanded to meet German standards, later recognition in Germany no longer poses a problem. This is why GERVIE accompanies the recognition process until the German professional certificate “health care worker” is issued – and until the new employees are fully integrated.

    Our support for the healthcare workforce in Vietnam:

    Recruitment of potential applicants prior to training.
    Technical, language and cultural training
    An office with a permanent contact person on site
    Close support throughout the entire recognition process

    Our assistance with entry into Germany:

    • Taking over the visa procedure
    • Contacts with authorities
    • Signing agreements
    • Assumption of costs and obligations
    • Signing contracts as a healthcare professional
    • Germany-wide support in the target institutions
    • Professional quality controls by the DAA Hannover
    • Finding accommodation, dealing with authorities and bureaucracy
    • Integration into a suitable social environment

    And what can we do for you?

    Your company is interested in qualified international healthcare professionals and wants to learn more about the advantages of GERVIE? Then please simply contact Gerd Möller directly.

    Please feel free to send us your suggestions, wishes or criticism here.

    Gerd Möller
    Managing Director GERVIE PM GmbH
    E-Mail: gerd.moeller_at_gervie.de