GERVIE trains international healthcare professionals according to German standards and accompanies their integrationthrough all phases up to professional recognition – completely, professionally and personally.

For companies

Care workers
for companies.

We connect health care providers with training institutions at home and abroad and qualify foreign healthcare professionals for German clinics, inpatient facilities for the elderly and outpatient care services.


For applicants

for applicants.

We train international applicants for German employers. They learn the language already in their home country and are prepared for life and work in Germany, where GERVIE then takes care of all integration issues.



Seal of quality
for fair recruitment.

The seal of quality “Fair Recruitment Healthcare Germany” was developed on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Health. We are pleased that GERVIE is one of the first 17 verified recipients of this important award.


Our key values

GERVIE prepares international care workers comprehensively, transparently and fairly for their own confident decision-making regarding employment migration to the care sector and the health sector in Germany. We accompany the applicants professionally and personally during their entry into life and work in this country.


Skilled workers for Germany.

Good prospects for German companies and international graduates.

New ways for new skilled workers.

Due to the alarming shortage of skilled workers in Germany, companies in the care and health sectors have to find new ways to recruit suitable employees. One of these ways is recruiting abroad – and GERVIE has specialised in training Vietnamese professionals for a variety of reasons.

Vietnam has many young and well-educated professionals. The country trains considerably more health and care worker professionals than the local market requires. University education for health and nursing sets very high standards. In addition, there are the advantages of Vietnamese tradition, which demands an unusually high respect for older people.

So that everyone benefits in the end.

It’s no wonder that Vietnamese healthcare professionals enjoy a high level of acceptance in German hospitals and nursing homes. Citizens from Vietnam have been coming to Germany for more than 40 years and are very well integrated. Healthcare professionals who want to work here are actively supported by the Vietnamese government.

In this way, GERVIE contributes to the fact that everyone benefits in the end: Germany gets urgently needed healthcare professionals, the new employees from Vietnam get good wages in a secure workplace – and the patients and those in need of care in Germany get the good care they deserve.

The partners of GERVIE.

The team of GERVIE.

Xuan Vien Duong
Managing Director GERVIE

“I am the ‘heart of Vietnam’ in the company.”

Gerd Möller
Managing Director GERVIE

“At GERVIE, I am the pulse generator for Germany.”

Tam Trang Duong
Coordinator Language Training GERVIE

“I make sure everyone understands each other!”

Quoc Van Le
Head of the GERVIE office in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

“I take education in Vietnam into my own hands”.

Kim Yen Tran
Integration Commissioner

“I make sure that everyone arrives well in Germany.”

Ben Collet
Coach Everyday Communication

“I make sure everyone feels well taken care of.”

Thuy Linh Le
Language and project coordinator in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

“I make sure that everyone prepares well for Germany.”

The know-how of GERVIE.

We know Germany and we know Vietnam.

Planning certainty for companies.

GERVIE’s employees have decades of professional experience in the healthcare industry. We are optimally networked and maintain close relationships with universities, language schools, examination institutes as well as political decision-makers in Germany and Vietnam.

GERVIE offers its clients the security of being able to hire a fixed number of skilled workers after a lead time of 15 to 18 months – with certified language training and specialised healthcare training in accordance with EU directives. In doing so, GERVIE offers all services from a single source: In Vietnam, too, we work exclusively with our own employees who accompany our various projects for German care facilities.

Support for the new employees.

The “Vietnam Project 100” shows how to retain first-class employees in your company. German training content and the German language are systematically integrated into the Vietnamese course of study. Even the language course up to B2 – tested by the Goethe Institute – can be optionally completed while still in Vietnam.

In order to optimally prepare future employees for their everyday work, we also include modules with our clients’ mission statements and care concepts in the programme. The curriculum is prepared in cooperation with the DAA Hanover and sent to the relevant authorities for their information after prior consultation with the state authorities.

Partner on Gervie

“Everyone talks about the shortage of care workers, but something must also be done about it. That is why we are pleased that GERVIE is making excellently trained international professionals fit – for living and working in Germany.”

And what can we do for you?

Would you like to learn more about GERVIE and our company’s projects? Then simply write us a short message. We will get back to you as soon as possible.