“Living and working in Germany? At first I thought it was all far too complicated for me. I was totally surprised that the GERVIE staff took so much off my shoulders: from the first interview in Hanoi to the first working day in Germany.”

Thi Thu Hai Nguyen, caregiver trainee at Caritas Altenhilfe Emsland.

Care professionals for Germany.

GERVIE trains international applicants for German employers.

In three steps to Germany.

The caring professions in Germany are becoming more and more attractive because there is a great shortage of local skilled workers. Jobs in the German health and social care sector are well paid and secure. Above all, there is a real welcoming culture for international care workers. This offers very good opportunities for young professionals from Vietnam.

Fixed salary and secure job.

Vietnamese nationals have been coming to Germany for more than 40 years. They are well integrated and very popular with colleagues and the population at large. There are many interesting fields of employment on the labour market: in the care of the elderly or sick, in inpatient care facilities and outpatient care services. GERVIE can offer its Vietnamese nursing professionals a permanent job in Germany. And everyone benefits from this!

Graduates receive technical, linguistic and cultural training in their countries of origin.


GERVIE takes care of the entry formalities and ensures the German work permit.


We help with finding accommodation and provide personal support for integration into a suitable social environment.


"Living and working in Germany."

“I was afraid of too much newness in Germany at the beginning, but in the end everything went well: I’ve already been able to learn a lot here.”

Giang Thi Thu lives in Peine and works in a Geras facility.


And what can we do for you?

Are you interested in living and working in Germany as a care professional? Would you like to learn more about the training in your country? Then please simply contact Le Quoc Van directly.

Please feel free to send us your suggestions, wishes or criticism here.

Le Quoc Van
Head of the Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City Office
E-Mail: Van.Le_at_gervie.de