Live and work in Germany.

Welcome to your new home!

Vietnam and Germany:
They simply go together.

Well over 100,000 Vietnamese already live in Germany, and about 40,000 have German citizenship. Because they have a higher education rate and a lower unemployment and crime rate than other migrants, they are considered by Germans to be “model pupils of integration”.

This is also why people from Vietnam are the largest immigrant group from East Asia – even ahead of the Chinese. GERVIE’s integration management aims to use these good conditions to systematically prepare our graduates for life in Germany. Our expertise and experience as a service provider are a real guarantee for successful integration.

Everything thought of:
Our help at a glance.

  • We provide good German lessons with experienced language teachers while you are still in Vietnam.
  • We take care of all the necessary processes and the visa for Germany
  • We have a permanent contact person on site in case of questions or problems
  • We organise the flights to Germany
  • We travel together to the new employer
  • We support you in dealing with the authorities and finding accommodation
  • We organise the language course and the adaptation course in Germany
  • We arrange all the formalities for recognition as a specialist

"Living and working in Germany."


“Here in my football club I have found my second family. So a dream has come true for me…. By the way, the Germans are not only disciplined – but also very warm!”

Dao Hai Phong lives in Peine and works in a Geras facility.


“Germany is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. When you come to Germany, you not only learn to be independent and grown up, but you can also travel to many famous cities. Of course you have problems at the beginning, but you don’t have to worry because the people here are also nice.”

Thi Tam Tran lives in Osterhofen and works at a Pflegewerk facility.


“Alone in Germany, 11,000 kilometres away from Vietnam, I found a second family. So a dream has come true for me. Everything was completely new to me, but with the great support of the Gervie staff, I get the opportunity to be independent and develop myself here.”

Hai Yen Nguyen is a nursing trainee at Caritas Altenhilfe in Emsland.

And what can we do for you?

Would you like to live and work as a carer in Ger­many and find out more? Then please just con­tact Kim Yen Tran dir­ectly.

Please feel free to send us your sug­ges­tions, wishes or cri­ti­cism here.

Kim Yen Tran
Integration Commissioner