Training for Germany.

A pilot project with specialised care training and certified language examination.

The “Vietnam Project 100” by GERVIE.

More and more young, well-trained healthcare professionals in Vietnam are looking for a secure job with long-term prospects. Many of them dream of living and working in Germany. We would like to help them find a good employer in Germany and offer complete integration concepts for this purpose. For example, with the Vietnam Project 100.

This model project aims to train 100 Vietnamese professionals for the respected care provider Korian in Germany. The Vietnam Project 100 is supported by the state authorities in Vietnam and the ambassador of the Socialist Republic.

As a certified healthcare professional in Germany!

Normally, the recognition of training in Germany is very complicated and time-consuming if it was acquired abroad. GERVIE wants to change that. That is why we are already integrating German training content into the Vietnamese university training for nursing – in close cooperation with our partners in Vietnam.

The teaching is also expanded to include cultural content and specialised language courses to ensure a higher level of language competence and easier integration upon arrival in Germany. Because GERVIE employees can already apply for professional recognition from Vietnam, our graduates already enter Germany as healthcare professionals recognised in Germany.

The Universities.
Our projects can be implemented at three renowned universities (in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City or Da Nang). We also work with Uni Thanh Dong , the first university in Hai Duong province.


The educational institution.
At WE CARE , the name says it all: WE stands for the parent company “Workforce Europe” and CARE stands for “Centre for Recognition, Recruiting and Inclusion”. In short: the healthcare school in Hanover for carers from all over the world.


Die Sprachschulen.
Unsere professionellen Partner setzen sowohl vietnamesische als auch muttersprachliche Deutschlehrer ein. Alle Spachprüfungen werden außerdem in enger Kooperation mit dem Goethe-Institut Hanoi durchgeführt.



“Admittedly: German is really not an easy language. But it simply fits the mentality of young Vietnamese to overcome the first difficulties quickly and consistently.”

Tam Trang Duong, Coordinator Language Training GERVIE

Full support for our graduates.

From the flight ticket to the work permit to finding a flat.

The integration concept of GERVIE.

When you enter a new country, you need more than a plane ticket. There are many things that cost time and nerves in the first few weeks. You need a police registration, a tax number, a cheap but goot health insurance and your own bank account. It’s great to have someone on the spot who knows the ropes and can provide support.

That’s why we have the GERVIE integration concept, which is implemented by our project manager Kim Yen Tran. This includes a selected team of “integration mentors” who are available as contact persons for the healthcare professionals and their employers. After all, good integration is just as important as recognised vocational training when it comes to long-term commitment to the country and the company.

An open country with many possibilities.

Every country has its own language, its own rules and its own culture. You have to get used to that in Europe. But Germany is an open, diverse and helpful country. We support our graduates in finding a new home here that suits them and where they feel at home.

That’s why choosing the right place to live is also crucial for optimal integration. Just one example: many Vietnamese professionals come from smaller cities and wish to live in rural areas in Germany as well. It is a matter of course for us to take these wishes into account.

All trainees and skilled workers are accompanied to their first day at work and continue to receive personal support afterwards. And in their free time there are many opportunities for joint activities.

And what can we do for you?

Are you in­ter­ested in liv­ing and work­ing in Ger­many as a nurs­ing pro­fes­sion­al? Would you like to learn more about the coun­try and its op­por­tun­it­ies or about train­ing in Vi­et­nam? Then please just con­tact Tam Trang Duong dir­ectly.

Please feel free to send us your sug­ges­tions, wishes or cri­ti­cism here.

Tam Trang Duong
Language Training Coordinator